Collection Agency Laws and You


Have you wondered just how Collection Agency Laws essentially affect the method in which collection agencies conduct the business of theirs? I do, as I was fairly recently contacted by a collection company about a debt which I apparently owed. And here is the truly bad part – I did not owe something since I was a victim of identity theft. Funny, but I’d never actually worried or even cared about collection law since the credit of mine had constantly been great, if not ideal. Enter the nightmare of mine.

Not merely did I’ve to contend with the main practice of filling accounts together with the state Attorney General, local authorities, and credit reporting agencies, though I’d to cope with this really chronic collection company. Regrettably, as I easily found out, you will find numerous instances when a dishonest debt collector will attempt to circumvent the law in order to gather on a debt you might or might not owe. Luckily for people as if you and I, you will find laws set up to help you protect us.

In all fairness, the collection company had just been provided my overdue account (actually, some unfamiliar scumbag’s account), plus were just undertaking the work of theirs. I entirely understood whatever they had been engaging in, but also after I explained the situation of mine to them they nevertheless kept driving me letters and calling me at all hours of the morning. They informed me I will have to post them some kind of evidence it wasn’t me on the account which I was, indeed, a target of identity fraud. Such a comprehensive and time consuming hassle which was — and it is fodder for a different article.

As I carried on to investigate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), an integral part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, that is a United States statute which protects the customer from abusive and unfair methods about the group of a debt, I rapidly discovered that this specific collection company was violating a lot of the laws as set forth by the above mentioned company. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) also goes hand in hand with the FDCPA, and also I’d highly recommend that you simply, as a consumer, look at the above mentioned statutes. Just go on the internet like I did and research with the keywords. You will find a load of great info as well as articles about the subject.