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Minot State University, one of the many U.S. universities is located in northwestern part of North Dakota in a city named Minot (rhyming with “why-not”). This University has a fairly rich history and was established in the year 1913. The city of Minot has a population of around احسن جامعة فى مصر 38000 residents. Among the Best U.S. Universities it caters to the educational requirements of areas such as North Dakota and Montana besides quite a few provinces in Canada. It is a Coed University spread over an area of around 103 acres.

Departments and Courses Offered

On an average around 3800 to 4000 students study in this University and the calendar system in this University is semester based. Minot State University offers under graduate as well as graduate degree programs and it is the third largest publicly established U.S universities in the region of North Dakota. This is one of the Best U.S Universities and offers students the opportunity to take undergraduate degrees in around 60 major study courses, certificate programs in around four courses, graduate degree in around ten courses of study and more than 200 courses are offered through their online facility.

There are three colleges that form part of this University. The college of Arts and Science has twenty three departments while the college of Business has three departments. The college of Education and Health sciences has five departments. Minot State University is a part of a System of North Dakota University which includes 11 institutions that are baccalaureate, masters, doctoral and community Best U.S Colleges. With accreditations from 9 different institutions over a period of time this university has progressed from being a normal school to being recognized as a part of Carnegie Master I colleges.